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Our juices are 100% organic, natural, cold pressed, raw, and unpasteurized. Pasteurization is a process that is required for all wholesale juices to kill the micobacteria, but also kills beneficial enzymes, vitamins and microflora, while still being able to be labeled as raw. Because J House juices are unpasteurized all this good stuff stays in.  

Our juices deliver a ton of vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes with minimal time and minimal calories

*It will boost your immune system

*Help correct hormonal imbalances

*Prevent nutritional deficiencies that can slow growth

*Heal your digestive system

*Give you enormous amounts of energy

*One of the best ways to lose body fat and still get a maximum dose of nutrition in your diet


The key to losing fat faster without starving to death or spending almost all of your free time working out is to make your body work more efficiently at burning fat. That means speeding up your metabolism, boosting your immune system and correcting hormonal and digestive issues. The nutrients you get from juicing can do that for you, in minimal time and for minimal calories.  

what people say...

  • You have my favorite ingredient in green juice – apples! I love Armor All with apples, celery, parsley & carrots – it’s my favorite juice! I am always amazed by how healthy it is because of how darn good it is.

    Pam S. Grosse Pointe Farms

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