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We met at the Detroit Athletic Club many years ago when Jen Dunbar was (and still is) running a boot camp. Jennifer Callewaert was a class member.

Jen and Jen come to juicing and fitness from opposite directions. What we have in common is that we have both been in search for optimum health and nutrition. We both see our body as a temple. We both like the quote, “If you don’t take care of your body where are you going to live.”

Jen has always been an athlete, coach, and trainer interested in vegan, paleo, raw foods. Her mantra is “Muscle looks good on everybody,” and she’s right! It does!

Jennifer has never been an athlete, but has enjoyed physical activity through yoga, biking, hiking and Jen’s muscle building boot camp. As a flight attendant, Jennifer knows the rigors of travel, eating on the fly (no pun intended) and challenging your immune system!

Together their travels have taken them from China to Australia, Spain to Portugal, and the East to the West coast of the U.S. Jen finds that her body functions way better without gluten, dairy and on raw food with lots of protein. Jennifer leans toward a more, “everything in moderation approach,” but acknowledges a life long struggle and love affair with sugar that has to be curbed for optimal health.

We believe that a single blanket ‘diet’ won’t work for everyone. We look to an intuitive approach that requires listening to the signs in your body and teaching yourself to move to a healthier balance that looks at the climate, stress levels, emotions and physical activities surrounding your life. If one has unhealthy eating habits, he will often eat healthy food in an unhealthy way.

Raw, cold-pressed organic vegetables and fruit can reset your system and help you reach a healthier balance that works for you and your “house”. Juicing allows for immediate absorption of all nutrients from produce in a higher quantity and variety not typical to eating them whole.

Our products are something that not only satiates us, but nourish our being as well as have consideration for the environment. We use fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, natural sweeteners, and good quality unrefined fats and cold pressed oils. These are all foods that come as close as possible to their natural state without unnecessary processing. Life in balance, is food in balance. It is a body, mind and soul connection. That all must play together to build a house on a solid foundation.

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    When you start with the freshest fruits and vegetables and carefully put them through our cold juice press, what you get is not only a super healthy experience, but the best tasting green juices that ever touched your lips.

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  • Organic

    We are organic, vegan, raw, and soon to be OU Kosher certified. We are also choosy about our ingredients, we bottle in reusable glass and compostable non-petroleum plastic, maintain cold-chill freshness at every step.

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